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This is how I feel about doing digital lines and color at the moment:

Unfinished Works by takeshita-kenji

That is all.
Natsuko Maid Heart Pony Rough by takeshita-kenji

After drawing the above image, it's become apparent that I can't even judge quality anymore.  I don't even know where to start when drawing because of that.

I think I'm done indefinitely.

Oh, and if I add something of yours to my favorites or share it, don't consider it a judgment of quality, because that's beyond my abilities.
Is anyone else here on Twitter or Tumblr?  Want to chat there?

On Twitter I am Takeshita_kenji and on Tumblr I am takeshitakenji.  I hope I'll see someone there!

These trollfaces are awesome.  I just want to rage to humor them.
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I have a pretty stable life: useful degree, good job, a place to live with good public transportation, and a healthy diet.  Things are going very well and I'm happy about that.

What's the next step in my life, though?  I have so many choices, but I've yet to see one that compels me to pursue it.  I guess I'm in a rut...
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Every time I read "deviation" here, I think "derivation."  I guess I've taken too much Calculus.
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I have family in Honshu, which as most people know was recently hit by an earthquake and tsunami.  My family here is very worried about them.  They haven't responded to any e-mails sent yet, so we don't know of their status.  I sure hope they're okay and that we'll hear back from them as soon as possible.
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Inspired by the world of Pokémon, I decided to make an evolution family based on my fox character.  Trouble is, I don't have any names for them.  Does anyone want to help brainstorm some?
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I've been sick for the past few days, but I managed to do something I have never done in earnest: a video!  Here's the link: Kawa-kun! Bananaphone Rough.

I basically did speed-drawing which is why it's so rough.  If I hadn't, I probably wouldn't have finished it.
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Many times I have been told that people have trouble following my patterns of thought, and that's probably why most comics I've written are difficult for others to follow.  I don't know; I feel a bit inadequate lately when it comes to writing plots and would love to get some suggestions that people would like to see turned into comics here.

I'm willing to take a wide range of things and would even work collaboratively on the art side if anyone's interested.  You'd get credit on the site and could use the strip for whatever.

The fact I grew up with little social influence on my thought patterns is the likely cause of my difficulty to relating to people. :iconforeveraloneplz:

Sorry if this sort of post bothers anyone.  I had to put these thoughts somewhere.
I know I only submit art here only so often, but that's because most of my work goes into my regular webcomic.  Here's a link:

It currently updates thrice-weekly, so there's no shortage of new material!
I don't know if anyone's noticed, but all of my stuff is under a Creative Commons license.  That includes Kawa-kun ( ) itself, too.  This is because money isn't a focus with my art and I support sharing and derivative works.  Of course, I still want attribution for the originals, but feel free to do what you want with them otherwise.

...If anyone's listening out there. :iconforeveraloneplz:
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It's hard relating to people sometimes.  Could be worse, though.

Still... :iconforeveraloneplz:
I've finished the pull from TwitPic.  I'll start putting up some stuff I've had lying around unused for a long time soon, just not now.

Oh, my scrapbook also contains a bunch of drawings too:…
I'm currently working on pulling pictures from TwitPic, but it's a bit of an arduous process.  For now, you can see various things I've done on my TwitPic page:…